Fixing Corrupt MDF files of SQL Database with SQL Repair Tool

MDF files are the repository of SQL database management system that stores tables, views, database, columns and rows. The MDF files are very sensitive in nature and thus they are very susceptible to corruption. To protect the data from getting entirely corrupt and no more in use, it is recommended to rescue the corresponding files with assistance from effective software destined for SQL database repair.

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Identification of MDF issues

MDF files are no more accessible, this can be easily identified, if your system displays following errors:

  • The file *.mdf is missing and needs to restore.
  • Server can't find the requested database table.
  • The process could not execute 'sp_replcmds' on server.
  • Table Corrupt: Object ID 0, index ID 0, page ID (1:623).

The identification of corrupt MDF files is not an easy task. Especially, when user has no hands-on on SQL server database. Once the MDF related issues are identified, it becomes easy to locate such files and provide them relief by seeking technical assistance from a reliable third-party tool.

Reasons of MDF file corruption

Alike other corruption factors, the same acts in SQL server database corruption. However, there are some new elements that are also held accountable for such file corruption. The reasons of MDF file corruption are as follows:

  • Sudden system shutdown
  • Abrupt closing of SQL database
  • Invalid headers in SQL files
  • Oversized MDF files
  • Storage media errors

Once the MDF files are corrupt, they are no more accessible to the user. To rescue the files from getting corrupt, technical assistance from effective tool is recommended.

SQL Database Repair – The Recommended One

SQL Repair tool effectively fixes the MDF-related issues and performs SQL database repair be it header-corruption issues, storage media error, internal program error, or some physical and software related issues. Designed to repair the MDF files at any cost, this third-party tool implements powerful algorithm to do so. The recovery of files is done in Batch Mode and Server Mode.

The Batch Mode saves the recovered files in batches of the rebuilt SQL database at the desired location. While the Server Mode allows user to save the recovered files directly to Live SQL Server, in the meantime ensuring that no data loss takes place during entire process. Once recovery of MDF files is done, user can view the recovered items using ‘Preview’ option. The trial of the tool can be taken by downloading its evaluation version that works exactly like the licensed version but does not saves the recovered files.

What makes SQL Repair tool different?

The software is constituted of distinct features that makes it entirely different from other SQL repair tools. These features are summed up as:

  • Employs dual recovery mode: Batch mode and Server mode are the two modes that are employed to save the recovered MDF files. For convenience Batch mode is implemented; however, if user is willing to save the MDF files directly to the server, then it can be saved by using Server mode.
  • Perfectly encounters MDF issues: The tool is set to encounter every MDF issue irrespective of its severity. It perfectly deals with internal program error, header file corruption, storage media error and other known and unknown technical snags that participate in such corruption.
  • Retains large sized MDF files: Even if the MDF files are large sized and need to be fixed on an immediate basis, then SQL Database Repair is the perfect tool to do so. Simply install the tool and fix the issue swiftly without any data loss.
  • Preview option: This option is helpful to view the elements that are perfectly recovered. This ensures that data is securely recovered and the concerned file is accessible. After completion of this process, the recovered files can be saved in the desired destination.

With these features, user of every level can perfectly make use of the tool to rescue the MDF files from getting corrupt and thus, SQL repair can be effectively done. To know more about the tool just download its evaluation version.

Take a Trial

To recover the corrupt MDF files from the SQL Server, third-party assistance is highly recommended as inbuilt solution does not perform best always. Download the trial version of SQL Database Repair software that works like the licensed version. However, the drawback of this version is that it does not allow to save the recovered MDF files. Once satisfied with the tool’s performance, user can purchase the activation key of the licensed version.

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